Wednesday, 20 October 2010

BT Infinity - More isn't necessarily more....

Another one of those moments - It just struck me when flicking through my inbox, BT is is rolling out Fibre to the Kerb across the UK, with slated speeds of 40Mbps down and upto 10Mbps up.

I had a good google around and couldn't find a clear indication of the contention ratio (down or up), or if there is QoS provision for example to offer Voice (over IP) services - interestingly the BT product includes a home hub, with internet voice, so I expect their to be QoS there.

VDSL based, so BT provide a VDSL modem with their service, and over WBC so other ISPs can wholesale provide the service.

Lets see how it works out. ... Alas I'm not on an enabled exchange - so I'm not going to find out for a while yet.


Anonymous said...

Nice post about BT.

David Morris said...

I turned up your blog when I was looking for posts relating to Vyatta and BT Infinity. We're due to get FTTC in the next few weeks and the Vyatta router looks promising to replace my Cisco 877 DSL router. It looks like the Vyatta does PPPoE which is the basic requirement. HOw have you found it in day to day use? I'm looking at the entry level 514 appliance.