Thursday 19 September 2013

The Network is the call(c)

Some years ago Sun microsystems had the the strapline the "The network is the Computer". I came up soon after that with the phrase "The network is the call"(c), at the time in reference to the migration from traditional TDM based telephony networks to Voice over IP (VoIP) or Telephony over IP (ToIP).

Having just discovered I think the phrase now has even more meaning when linked with Social Media and WebRTC.

In my previous post I started discussing Over The Top (OTT) services and their relevance and threat to the traditional carrier model, and whilst we (carriers, standards bodies and consultants - me included) think about how we maintain quality of service and preserve the five-nines nature of telephony networks, we miss the point. Interaction between people needs to be spontaneous, easy and unrestricted. In some instances the restriction is not a physical impediment such as ease of use.... Its money. I've just recently been hit by additional charges on my mobile phone that are greater than my "so called inclusive package". When I queried this, it was 0844 (PowWow) conference number from a couple of conferences I took part in. Having just suffered "bill shock", I will avoid using my mobile for these services and found the great app "sayno to 0870" and website of the same name.

Applications of WebRTC such as the twelephone are a great example of how a service can change both my "traditional" view of communications and my behaviour. Even without all the heavy overhead involved in solving a QoS problem which (even on the Internet via my ADSL) isn't there.

I'd like to thank John Gage for "The Network is the Computer" and hope my version "The Network is the call"(c) helps to change other people's view of how telecommunications now is being shaped by the "Internet generation".

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