Friday, 26 June 2009


Not being very familiar with the Asterisk GUI, I decided to Flash my PIKA Warp with the latest FreePBX build.

Wow! That was easy, I download the pre-built image files from the Warp Xtra site. copied them over to my SD card (as the original compress file), popped the SD card in my Warp, logged in over SSH, unzipped the file, popped the files in the root of the SD card and rebooted....

A second reboot later and FreePBX loaded.

Login over SSH again, amportal stop, pikacf to set the cards to UK/GB setting, reboot and hey presto. Warp with FreePBX.

Then using the FreePBX GUI grab all those modules from module admin. Plug in my trust £9.99 analogue phone in the inbuild FXS port. Quick config in GUI for a Queue with music. Dial the Queue number from my analogue phone and Yeah! Music.....

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