Friday 3 July 2009

IAX2 and PIKA Warp/FreePBX

Right now we're cooking - FreePBX configured with my IAX2 trunk to the TalkOn Network and we've got the PBX up and running. Analogue phone on my desk and a couple of other test phone (Aastra, Snom and Grandstream) all hooked up.

Final test - will it pass the "Wife test". I have found my wife to the perfect tester (and to be fair to her long suffering from my constant tinkering with the phones in the house!) Time to Hook the Warp up to my DECT/IP handsets (Siemens Gigaset S450) on there too, and see if she notices the join....

Watch this space either for the usual beating (you've been messing with the phones again!) Or maybe I'll get away with it this time?

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