Sunday, 20 February 2011

Living and working in an always-on always-connected world

I recently (Jan) started a daily commute to Central London, from my Suburbian utopia of Henley On Thames, this involves around 45 minutes on the train and a further 45 minutes on the tube each way. The trip gives me a mixture of time to reflect on what the day holds and what the day has held...

This journey also involves the "catching-up" on emails from a number of different client personna from the various roles I perform for my customers. Mostly I spend this time reading through emails on my X10, but since having access to an Apple iPad, I have spent more of my time using this touch screen tablet computer, which combined with the bluetooth keyboard that I bought for my X10 is proving more and more that for a small business owner and having multiple customers and identities for these customers, being "Always-on", is proving both productive and compelling!

I have the time to read the books in the form of PDFs or write emails and keep in touch with friends and collegues. Social media in the form of: Facebook, linked-in, twitter and of course IM tools like Skype.

The conclusion from this is that being always connected helps me both professionally and personally when I could be in dead time travelling.

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