Saturday, 12 March 2011

Discovering more about Macs

This week I've been having fun with AppleScript, it's a pretty cool Apple version of the likes of bash scripting and Windows script, with a more natural language based syntax. It works well for automating all sorts of things from applications, and the core elements of the OS X experience.

The need arose to look at a quick means of moving InDesign Plugins around as some of the plugins clash with functionality of other plugins, preventing InDesign from Starting.

I thought there ought be a quick way to make an easy program to move the files from the plugins folder to a "plugouts" folder. I started with the idea of using a command line script like a bash script, since OS X is based on Unix (or at least based on OpenStep), like most people discovering OS X and Macs in general - and with a fondness for Unix I found AppleScript was a great answer.

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