Sunday, 5 June 2011

Time flies - when you're looking in the other direction!

This post is a brief moment to capture the fact that time has traveled on since the last post and at times has felt that little progress has been made. But on reflection a lot has been done.

I've busied myself in the day job working my way through various installation and user guides for Woodwing's Enterprise server and working my way through installing the software under Ubuntu and Centos 5.6, together with a number of builds of iPad Reader software and a couple of versions of Android.

Combine this with a number of evenings collaborating on updating the Wraycastle VoIP course notes, with friend and colleague John Timms.

And finally reviewing and writing up the High level design for a multi-VLAN bladed data centre environment for Sensee's new CosmoCom system.

Plus a couple of ad-hoc sessions on tele-medicine design work with Inmezzo, and I've just realized where the last 2 and half months have gone!

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