Thursday, 27 March 2008


Welcome to the Aeonvista blog, over the coming weeks and months I hope to bring updates to what I [Neill Wilkinson] am doing at Aeonvista.

Aeonvista Ltd is a new ICT consultancy business formed in November 2007. The strapline hopefully gives you an idea of what the purpose of Aeonvista is - opening up new ideas, my aim is to bring creative solutions and ideas to ICT problems for my customers and for the ICT community as a whole. My ethos is to challenge, and be challenged by the new concepts, ideas, technologies and services that will emerge as we speed headlong in to the world of Next-Generation Networks and All-IP networks.

Its going to be a great journey for us all in the ICT industry as we deploy technologies such as: IMS, Server and application virtualisation, MPLS, IP-Contact Centres and Presence aware Unified Communications platforms.

Apart from being an industry practitioner, am also a trainer and try to ensure people in the ICT industry have the knowledge and tools to meet the challenges we all face moving forwards at a seemingly accellerating pace.

I have been writing papers for some time and have been lucky enough to be able to publish my ideas with John Wiley - Next Generation Networks - Technologies and Service. I will be bringing more of my thoughts to this blog and will be discussing some of the flood of news items and announcements that we see every day from the key players in the industry to bring my perspective on what it means for us all.