Thursday, 2 October 2008

Finally my vision of a presence centre may well be realised

I've just been reading the announcement from Astricon from Skype and Digium on Fierce VoIP. I've been using Asterisk for sometime and even built an ISTP business on it and solutions such as Trixbox. And I have to admit to being a Skype user too, even with my own telco.

However back to the announcement - I can offer Skype presence to customers and even publish my "presence" state on my corporate website, that actually reflects the presence not of an individual, but of the ability to route a call from a web page through to my PBX, with it costing me a dime!

My status

Here's my presence Icon, with the Asterisk/Skype Connector, this routes to my PBX, which can route this anywhere else including a Queue of customer support or sales representative.