Thursday, 30 July 2015

Dell Studio Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 (Free upgrade)

So did the Windows 10 upgrade - OK first impressions looks like what I know, but wait a minute - Dang my Bluetooth mouse isn't working...???

OK no Bluetooth in control panel... RUBBISH - deleted the drivers I only just put up there from Lenovo - so re-install... YEAH! Bluetooth back...

Hmm ATI Radeon drive - MS own flavour doesn't have the right mode to drive my LG monitor (1080p) via VGA connection... Hmm more work to do here....

Re-installed these "old" drivers and rebooted, fingers crossed... Nope No luck - looks like I'm stuck with my Windows 10 default drivers - work fine on the inbuilt panel - 1920x1200 - so will have to do for now... Hmm HDMI port - might be a better choice - but gonna have to get the soldering iron out - this is not the most robust connection and mine is loose from repeated use.

Saturday, 25 July 2015

Dell Studio 17 Windows 8.1 Broadcom Bluetooth solution

This post is as much for my own sanity as the community at large. Having taken the step back to Windows from my Mint desktop on my Dell, the Bluetooth driver from Dell failed badly and Windows 8,1 Pro flatly refused to detect my Dell 370 Wireless card.

Then I found:

Which led me to:

Downloaded and installed the Lenovo Driver and all working just great - Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard connected and writing this article with them!!!

Come on Dell!!! Easy fix if Lenovo could do it!