Thursday, 30 July 2015

Dell Studio Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 (Free upgrade)

So did the Windows 10 upgrade - OK first impressions looks like what I know, but wait a minute - Dang my Bluetooth mouse isn't working...???

OK no Bluetooth in control panel... RUBBISH - deleted the drivers I only just put up there from Lenovo - so re-install... YEAH! Bluetooth back...

Hmm ATI Radeon drive - MS own flavour doesn't have the right mode to drive my LG monitor (1080p) via VGA connection... Hmm more work to do here....

Re-installed these "old" drivers and rebooted, fingers crossed... Nope No luck - looks like I'm stuck with my Windows 10 default drivers - work fine on the inbuilt panel - 1920x1200 - so will have to do for now... Hmm HDMI port - might be a better choice - but gonna have to get the soldering iron out - this is not the most robust connection and mine is loose from repeated use.

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