Friday, 10 October 2014

Online homework and social media pose parental dilemma - What!

Is it just me or do articles like this, on the BBC website make you annoyed too?

** Parents face online homework dilemma **
Parents feel unable to make children study by blocking internet access, as homework often requires online research, a survey suggests.

The problem here (IMHO) is education - not the children you understand, but the parents, there are so many ways to protect and inform children about the Internet, and most of them are free.

The best free tool around I have found is OpenDNS, this give parent control of not only every device in the house, but also allows you to protect friends children too who Bring Their Own Devices.

Windows and iOS have darn good parental controls too, its just about setting them up and discussing it with your children. - Even Google and YouTube - if you create an account can be set with parental controls too.

There are no excuses... BUT - we need to educate the parents.....

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