Wednesday, 4 November 2009

HD Voice taking off

I read this piece on VON with interest about Voxbone transcoding from G.722 to Sype's Silk codec, since a lot of IP phones are now shipping with G.722 codecs looks like we finally get to share in the HD voice revolution...

May be we'll start getting disappointed with GSM voice quality, it will be interesting to see as IMS networks are finally delivered over the next year or so with IP-Centrex service, if we'll see complaints for mobile call voice quality as people can more easily slide between their fixed office phones and mobile devices. Or will we see HD codecs creep into the mobile space as LTE kicks in. Who's gonna be the early carrier to adopt VoIP over HSPA QoS and wideband codecs, or are we gonna have to wait?

Or wait - "Hold the Phone" - Haven't we got VoIP enabled devices already with WiFi and yes - applications like Fring (I have to use fring 'cos my mobile operator broke the SIP stack on my Nokia 5800! - But actually Fring is pretty cool too! ;o)). Pitty Fring doesn't have HD voice codec yet.

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