Friday, 18 December 2009

Happy Christmas and New Year

So Christmas is upon us and another year has rushed by. What's new for the New Year?

Well hopefully some more updates to the Blog. My PIKA Warp needs an update and the GSM cards are out so need to get a play in the lab with those.

Some new exciting products with Virtus-IT on the horizon, and Cloud Computing VoIP QoE solution to work on.

My Oracle CCA instance needs patching to 8.1.3 FP2, there a new cool Dialer functionality built in from the guys using the Sangoma/Paraxip Netborder Call Analyser, can't wait to get that working. I've got the trial version of the dialer downloaded from the helpful guys at Sangoma - thank Doug V! I've also been have a little tinker with the CTI integration using some PHP scripting to grab the Parameters passed by CCA in a screen Pop -works just sweet - now to have a play with the Webservice API - wow-er not so sweet!

Happy Holidays!

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