Friday, 5 March 2010

More things to do than I have the time

The PIKA GSM card for my Warp arrived and this weekend I will get the chance to install and starting checking it out - got the PrePaid SIM to pop in there....

My CCA system is now patched to FP3, not yet managed to install the Sangoma/Paraxip dialer - if only I had more time...

I have at least started to reverse engineer the CCA web services interface using Wireshark and some hacked together PHP code. I can create a session, log an agent in and receive events from the the Web Server now. I just need to put a wrapper around the PHP to create some decent objects - then write some Javascript/AJAX calls to make a toolbar for incorporating in other web pages, thus eliminating the download of the CCA Java Desktop Interaction Manager. Then I can concentrate on some of the supervisor statistics and throw in some MemCache there to inprove the performance.....

Never a dull moment at the Aeonvista ranch.

I have just managed through the "day job" to get access to Cisco's new small business range of Access devices the SRP500 range looks pretty good the SRP527W - hot of the production line has WiFi (n), FXO/FXS and 4 port Ethernet Switch, ADSL 2+ Annex A, USB for 3G dongle and TR-069 capability - looks like a winner.

I've also just purchased a nice shiny new Fritz!Box WLAN 7270, and it has all of the above like the Cisco with added IP-PBX features.

Now just to get my OpenACS to talk to them both.

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